Ken’s e-Pistle – September 20, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle September 20, 2023 I’m not quite sure how it happened but, somehow, I ended up on the Critical List of my high school graduating class.  To my way of thinking, this is a peculiar honor reserved for the most sophisticated, cosmopolitan and intelligent of us. The way you get on this list [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – September 20, 20232023-09-19T08:11:18-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – September 13, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle September 13, 2023 As I write this missive, it is September 11, 2023.  Twenty-two years ago, almost to the very moment, the United States suffered the most devastating attack of terror since the assault on Pearl Harbor.  In all, almost three thousand souls were lost; a down-payment on the thousands who would [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – September 13, 20232023-09-11T10:55:45-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – September 6, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle September 6, 2023 One of my quasi-dear friends came to visit last week.  Whenever he comes, our peaceable household is upset by his energy, enthusiasm, and blood-curdling solutions to the world’s problems.  My dogs love everybody but when he comes through the door, they retreat to unknown quarters and emerge only when [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – September 6, 20232023-09-05T10:31:26-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – August 30, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle August 30, 2023 As I write this, we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of Dr. King’s famous, “I Have a Dream” speech.  I remember watching it on a black and white TV at the home of my grandparents. It is funny how we remember things which we think at the time will [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – August 30, 20232023-08-28T10:14:15-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – August 23, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle August 23, 2023 Today I find myself remembering my friend, Tom.  He was a general contractor in Rome, GA and eventually found his way into the fellowship of my church after a minor earthquake separated my chimney from the house and we retained him for the repairs. Subsequently, as often happens, we [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – August 23, 20232023-08-22T08:57:19-05:00
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