Ken’s e-Pistle

December 6, 2023

We are now deeply into Advent, the season of waiting.  Sometimes it hurts to have to wait, but the final result is worth it.

I have a friend who serves as an officer on one of the big submarines stationed at King’s Bay, near St. Mary’s, GA.  One of those called the “Boomers,” the ones which carry nuclear-tipped death and destruction beyond our imagination.  He, of course, doesn’t speak of where they have been, what they have done, or how they have done it.  I get the impression that I really don’t want to know.

His wife, also a good friend and a dynamic Christian, says that her waiting for him to return is a lot like Advent waiting.  Months pass, the kids go the school, meals are prepared, seasons are observed and calls from his “work” are few.  Mostly, she says, it is a time of silent anticipation.

Then, one day, the call comes that the boat is returning.  Homecoming preparations are made and the whole community of submariner families gather to welcome their loved ones home.  It is a celebration in which everyone is involved.  The kids actually say that it is better than Christmas!

Kind of like Advent.  Only months longer.

Something to think about and pray over.

I bid you peace!