railing-detail-01Welcome to the website of First Presbyterian Church, Dalton, GA. I hope that you find the information you seek presented in a creative, concise and friendly way. At FPC we strive to live up to our vision of “Love First-Love All” by being inclusive, inquiring and engaging; in the name of Jesus Christ.

Of course, websites are merely reflections of the inner life of an organization. You are invited to come and see the “living being” which is our congregation. Feel free join us for worship and/or any of the activities which you find in these pages. We are a warm and welcoming family which loves to make new friends and expand the scope of our life together!

In Christ,




Ken McKenzie, Interim Pastor



Who We Are:


We are a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), a large and theologically diverse mainline denomination. We are one of many congregations in Northwest Georgia which comprise Cherokee Presbytery.






Our Mission & Vision:








 What We Believe:

For more on what makes Presbyterians distinct, where we came from, etc. check the link below:






What We Practice: