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Ken’s e-Pistle – May 22, 2024

Ken's e-Pistle May 22, 2024 Somehow I noticed her. She was in her accustomed spot in the back of the Sanctuary, waving her right hand in the midst of the excited beginning of the service last Sunday. What with Pentecost, Graduate Recognition, and residual exhaustion from an extended family reunion, I didn’t see her [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – May 22, 20242024-05-21T08:08:45-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – May 1, 2024

Ken's e-Pistle May 1, 2024 I’ve been reading a bit about Gandhi lately.  It seems appropriate in the light of all the protesting and violence which have afflicted our college and university campuses lately. I believe that all of us could stand a refresher on his salt-march to the sea. Ghandi was an admirer [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – May 1, 20242024-04-29T10:26:22-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – April 24, 2024

Ken's e-Pistle April 24, 2024 This is the week of Passover, the celebration of God’s love which delivered our Hebrew ancestors from slavery in Egypt and led them to the Promised Land.  It is a story of high adventure, torturous endurance, amazing miracles, and the crucible in which a large part of our faith [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – April 24, 20242024-04-23T07:56:30-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – April 17, 2024

Ken's e-Pistle April 17, 2024 In preacherly circles there is a word, prolepsis, which means a foretaste of something coming.   We could appropriately say that yesterday was a prolepsis of your new Pastor, Nicole, and her wonderful family.  She came as advertised and I could already see the excitement in your eyes and theirs.  [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – April 17, 20242024-04-15T11:46:01-05:00
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