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Ken’s e-Pistle – August 16, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle August 16, 2023 I returned home after Sunday School, Worship, Fellowship Lunch and meetings yesterday and found myself rather depleted.  Between the drive and the activities of the Sabbath I found myself coveting the luxury of an afternoon nap.  I told myself that I had worked for it, I deserved it, and [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – August 16, 20232023-08-15T11:10:48-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – August 9, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle August 9, 2023 Driving the road between Blue Ridge and Dalton has become somewhat of a comfortable habit.  By this time, I know most of the houses, honky-tonks and side-road attractions which dot the landscape.  The creeks and rivers are familiar and I’ve even gotten where I recognize many of the trucks [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – August 9, 20232023-08-08T08:52:59-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – August 2, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle August 2, 2023 Many folk I know tend to live out their days with low-level anxiety.  They seem to be preoccupied with slights from the past and concerns about the future.  Even when things are going well, they find something to worry about.  Beyond that, they are never satisfied with the blessings [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – August 2, 20232023-08-01T08:40:50-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – July 26, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle July 26, 2023 It is our common lot to suddenly find ourselves in a pantry, closet or before an open refrigerator and wonder what it is for which we came.  Miss Vicki caught me standing slack-jawed in the pantry last week inquiring of myself why I had come thence.  Being the good [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – July 26, 20232023-07-25T09:29:41-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – July 19, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle July 19, 2023 Sometimes, I have to be reminded that being a Presbyterian in the Bible Belt can be a fulltime job.  This past week I made my daily trip to the Conoco convenience store to get Miss Vicki’s daily fountain Coke.  She’s like the ladies of Old Atlanta who would simply [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – July 19, 20232023-07-18T08:58:53-05:00
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