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Ken’s e-Pistle – February 15, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle February 15, 2023 By now, most of us are on information-overload as respects the massive earthquake in Turkey and northern Syria.  This is a difficult part of the world at any time but especially so now when conflict and entrenched government policies seem to work against humanitarian aid. Nonetheless, some of you [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – February 15, 20232023-02-13T11:13:17-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – February 8, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle February 8, 2023 I had a dear aunt, now departed to glory, who made a trip to New Orleans to visit relatives.  It so happened that the trip coincided with the annual celebration of Mardi Gras.  As a righteous Presbyterian, she was woefully ignorant of the sights, sounds, smells and general demeanor [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – February 8, 20232023-02-06T11:03:50-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – February 1, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle February 1, 2023 I used to drive my sainted mother to distraction when I was a student at UGA.   I would often come home for the weekends to work at an Atlanta church.  Inevitably, she would want to know what time to expect me.  “It depends,” I would reply. “Depends on what?” [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – February 1, 20232023-01-30T10:36:53-05:00

Ken’s e-Pistle – January 18, 2023

Ken's e-Pistle January 18, 2023 We celebrated the life of Mac Thomas this past Monday.  After hearing many of the stories about her as shared among the family, I am sure that I am the poorer for never having met her. Still, I believe that the day will come when I shall.  We call [...]

Ken’s e-Pistle – January 18, 20232023-01-17T11:43:34-05:00
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