Ken’s e-Pistle

November 22, 2023

This Sunday is the Celebration of Christ the King.  It begins the season of festival fullness which takes in Advent, Christmas and lasts until Epiphany on January 6.  Historically, this has been one of the major feasts of the Church Year and marks the final foreseen victory of Christ over death and hell.  It is the culmination of the liturgical calendar, with the new year beginning with the First Sunday of Advent.  Whew!

When I was growing up we didn’t do much with all of that.  As soon as Santa made his appearance at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade the race to Christmas was on! The highly anticipated Sears Wishbook Catalogue soon arrived to the delight of all us kids.  Decorations were profligate and everywhere.  In Atlanta the Rich’s Christmas Tree was a sight to behold. It’s official lighting was a huge event, featuring choirs from all around the Metro area And, speaking of Rich’s, did you ever get a chance to go down and ride the Pink Pig?  Then, if you were lucky, you could go to Santa’s Secret Shop and buy gifts for your parents, grandparents and others.  I can still smell the Hai Karate cologne which I got for my Grandfather.  Some things you just can’t un-smell!

Parties and feasts of every description were held throughout our community and church. Christmas trees sprang up like summer kudzu in every shop and my first boss, Ralph Kolesky, a Conservative Jew, got into the spirit of things like a kid.  His Baskin Robbins 31 store looked like it could be a landing spot for a 747.

Perhaps the opportunity which Advent gives us to slow down and reflect a bit is a good thing.  There is something about the intentional preparing of our hearts and homes for the Prince of Peace which makes all of it more precious and memorable.  We read the Scriptures, light the candles, sing the familiar carols and gather with our loved ones, those present and those who have gone ahead.  It helps us to keep things in context and perspective.

Still, I plan to pray for snow this year so that I can ride my sled down the hill to my pond just one time!

I bid you peace!