Ken’s e-Pistle

April 17, 2024

In preacherly circles there is a word, prolepsis, which means a foretaste of something coming.   We could appropriately say that yesterday was a prolepsis of your new Pastor, Nicole, and her wonderful family.  She came as advertised and I could already see the excitement in your eyes and theirs.  I strongly believe that this will be a good fit.  As Yenta declares in Fiddler on the Roof, “A good match!”

Of course, there are a few streams to cross.  Nicole must continue the path to graduation in May, be ordained by her home presbytery in Florida, and then make the move up here to Dalton.  My understanding is that they will live in rental quarters until their new home is completed.  As one who has suffered the stress, disillusionment and indignities of building a home before, I am sure that they will covet your prayers for patience and gifts of understanding when things don’t come together perfectly.

Building a home is an apt metaphor for the development of a wonderful ministry.  As of yesterday, you have begun digging the footing.  The land has been surveyed, the decisions made and the contracts are in the process of being signed.  You know a bit of how the finished house will look, but there are foundations of love to be laid.  The framing of faith and the roughing in of the plumbing of prayer and the electricity of the spirit have all been designed. Windows and doors of trust will be installed and the entire affair will be dried in with the roof of God’s Providence which will cover and protect all within. You will help with the landscaping, each of you bringing joy and beauty to surround the home.  Some of you will be mighty trees, offering the cool shade of understanding and wisdom.  Others will be the shrubs, bulbs and perennials, offering color and texture throughout the year.  Of course, there will always be an abundance of annuals who come but for a short season, and then depart, leaving memories of wonderful hues and seeds of wonder to sprout in the future seasons.

The wonderful thing about this house is that it will become a home where the drama of life and ministry will be played out.  In spring and summer, fall and winter, the home will provide protection and generate love for all.  It will generate a circle of blessing not only for the Jiskoot family, but also for all of you who will love them and those whom they will love.

Yes, there is work to do.  But I am confident that you now have the skills, tools, faith and love which make you equal to the task.  In fact, I’m betting my hard hat from Debbie on it!

I bid you peace!