Ken’s e-Pistle

April 10, 2024

I stopped at our community Conoco this morning on the way to the Office to get some gas and a cup of coffee.  As I have stated before, this is the designated meeting place of what I call the “Council of the Wise.”  They congregate on the bench which advertises Jerry’s Mountain Furniture and pontificate on anything and everything.  This morning the subject was the eclipse and the imperative it seemed to signal for national repentance.  The more literate of the group had read or heard the pronouncement of a local elected official who said that the eclipse, the earthquake in Taiwan and New York City were all signs of the displeasure of the Almighty, and the upcoming Judgement Day.

Against my better judgement, I inquired why God might be punishing the folk in Taiwan for the sins of America.  They replied that it was “spillover warning” and that those people were, by and large, Buddhists and not saved, anyway.  I should have left at that point and simply smiled and wished them a good day.  My curiosity, though, was piqued.

“So, these things are signs of the end?  I thought that they were all kind of natural phenomena, some of which are pretty easily predicted.”

“Well, son, you have to see that these are all stacked together real close.” (Each of these folk out-age me by about a hundred years and two dozen teeth) “Jesus said that these are the sho-nuff signs of the end.  You just have to be looking!  It’s all right there in Luke 21.”

If I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the Office, I probably would have offered them the advice found in Luke 12.  You probably recognize the consideration of ravens, lilies, etc.  Long ago I dropped off the responsibility of being God.  I have enough to do for the Kingdom in my small sales office.  I’ll leave management to God.

It sure does take a weight off my shoulders!

I bid you peace!