Ken’s e-Pistle

October 11, 2023

Once again rockets fly and bullets find their marks in the continuing panoply of destruction which is war.  How ironic that hostilities began on the Sabbath dawn which celebrated the giving of the Torah to Moses on Mt. Sinai. The day is a touchstone for all three of the major faiths which claim the Holy Land as their collective home.  Jews, Muslims and Christians, alike, claim the code of the Decalogue as the structural foundation for faith and conduct.  Yet, once again, our baser angels have seized the moment to bring terror instead of compassion, fear instead of faith and confusion instead of understanding.  It is an old story which keeps being re-told.

It is perhaps a commentary on our perpetual cussedness that the Holy Land has seldom, if ever, known abiding peace. Rather, it has witnessed a parade of conquering armies and political storms which surpass all other lands and latitudes.  Mores the pity.

And yet, we are told that the Holy Land will be the site of the ultimate victory of the Lamb.  We await the day when swords will be beaten into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks.

By the looks of things, there will be a fine surplus of farming equipment on that day.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Please.

I bid you peace!