Specifications of the organ:

The new console has 61 keys and a maple and walnut pedal board, AGO standard style in a style and finish to match other interior sanctuary oak furnishings. Tilt tabs activate the various ranks of pipes all of which are expressive except the unenclosed trumpet and bourdon of the pedal organ. A microprocessor connects the console to the organ via fiber-optics. A ten-level piston memory, midi-interface and expression pedal complete its versatility. The entire organ, with the exception of the Great 8’ Principal and certain large bass pipes of the Pedal, is enclosed and expressive. An organist bench and appropriate lighting for the full organ and pedalboard are included.

The nine ranks and 561 pipes are as follows: *Denotes pipes and material from purchased Möller organ

Great organ:
8’ Principal, 61 new pipes,
8’ (Sw) Röhrfote,
4’ Octave, 61 pipes,*
2’ Octave, 12 pipes,*
II-III Mixture, 122 pipes*
8’ (Sw) Trumpet
Chimes, Deagan bells
Couplers Swell to Great 16, 8, 4 

Swell organ:
8’ Röhrfote 61 pipes*
8’ Gemshorn 61 pipes*
8’ Gemshorn Celeste, 49 pipes*
4’ Spitzflöte, 49 pipes
8’ Trumpet, 61 pipes*
Coupler to Swell 4

Pedal organ:
16’ (Sw) Subbass 12 pipes*, unenclosed
8’ (Gt) Principal,
8’ (Sw) Röhrflote,
4’ (Gt) Principal
16’ (Sw) Bass Trumpet*, unenclosed, 12 pipes
Couplers Great to Pedal 8, Swell to Pedal 8, Swell to Pedal 4
4 General pistons, duplicated on toe pistons
4 Swell and Pedal pistons
4 Great and Pedal pistons
General cancel piston
Setter piston
Full Organ reversible, duplicate thumb and toe pistons
Expression pedal for enclosed stops
Memory level up and down pistons
Transposer up and down pistons (7 half steps)
Pedal on Great continuo piston
Player piston, controlling the recording and
playback capabilities of the system