“The ‘Remembering’ of Communion”

January 31, 2024

Dear friends and family of Coy Temples,

Observing Communion together as the followers of Jesus is always impactful. Recalling that last supper of Jesus with his disciples honors our commitment to remember Christ until we are reunited, either in Heaven or by his return.

Yet what if our capacity to remember begins to fail? What if by accident or dementia or some other calamity we lose the ability to grasp the meaning of the observance? What then?

In next Sunday’s sermon and the sacrament which follows, we will look together at “ The ‘Remembering’ of Communion,” with loving celebration of Jesus and of our dear friend Coy Temples, whose exceptional mind slipped gradually away before our eyes.

Coy’s widow Noel, son Ben, and others dear to him and to us as friends of long standing will join us at the table in enduring gratitude for Christ’s devotion to his followers and Coy’s devotion to Christ, touching on his witness, his wit, and his way forward.

Please make a special point of being here to share this time of remembering with Coy’s family and the church this Sunday.


In the bond,