Ken’s e-Pistle

June 7, 2023

I must take advantage of this forum to commend Walter’s Sunday School class to you.  It will be held during the Adult class slot each Sunday during the summer.  It presents many of his thoughts and stories as respects the history of our church and his career as a pastor.  If the first installment is any indicator, it will be time well spent, full of insights, laughter and perhaps a few shed tears.

We Rev-types are a unique lot.  We are, in many ways, the shamans of the community.  We tell the stories which shape us, administer the sacraments which nurture us, offer the interpretations of traditions which define us, and are present at moments of joy and sorrow which are our common lot.  We offer words of healing, reconciliation, encouragement and, occasionally correction. Most of us are not great administrators or business folk, yet there are among our fellowship those who surpass the insight of Bill Gates or the acumen of a Carnegie.

A friend of mine once told me, “Those what can’t do, teach.  Those what can’t teach, preach.”  Yes, he is still a friend.  Most shamans need someone to keep their feet firmly on the ground when their heads get lost in the clouds.

It is an honor to have Walter as a friend, a predecessor, and a colleague.  He has rare wisdom and generous grace to share in abundance.  I hope that you will find his class informative and inspiring.

Oh, by the way, be sure to order one of his books when they become available.  In fact, order several.  I would hate to add to the considerable list of Walter’s accomplishments that he is the author of rare books!

I bid you peace!