Ken’s e-Pistle

July 5, 2023

One of the hard lessons I have to repeatedly learn is that when you run for the Office of God, you will always find a very strong incumbent.  Those of you who have control issues will realize this and probably be chuckling in your coffee/beer as you read this. Yes, it’s true.  “Hi, I’m Ken; I have control issues.”  Everybody then responds, “Hi, Ken!”

Throughout my career I participated in things called Supervisory Groups.  These were small, interdenominational groups of pastors who gathered monthly for insight and supervision on their parish work.  The groups were organized and led by Pastoral Psychotherapists and other clinicians who helped us through some of the thorny issues of pastoral ministry with compassion, wisdom and grace.  I am convinced that such groups were survival rafts for some of the guys and gals who were navigating the dangerous waters of congregational conflict, divisiveness, and the usual cussedness which come along with parish work.  I hasten to add that I never experienced this and spent a glorious career in the blissful, joyous arms of people who loved me unreservedly and expressed nothing but compassion and understanding during my various ministries.

Now that I am officially retired, such groups are closed to me and I miss the fellowship and guidance immensely. A few years ago I came across a woman who has helped to fill in the gaps.  She is my therapist and, by extension my friend.  She comes from the Hasidic Jewish tradition, so we have much ground to cover to find commonality.  Still, we work at it and she has been a blessing.

A week or so ago I was going through a difficult time of relinquishing control over some things over which I have no legitimate control.  The details are not important but those of you who float in my same boat know the dynamics.

“I’m going to share something with you that my Bubbie (Grandmother) used to say.  ‘Why pray when I can worry!”

There it is, running for the Office of God.

Sometimes I just never learn!!

I bid you peace!