Ken’s e-Pistle

May 3, 2023

We are well into the pollen season now.  In my joyful greeting of Spring, I tend to forget that the yellow coating of just about everything is part of the mix. It even floats in the ponds and is blown in yellow currents, swirling and dancing on the small waves.

We get a little relief when the rains come but it doesn’t last long.  The relentless atmospheric onslaught will continue until God, in His mercy, decides that we have suffered enough.  Until then, we just have to endure.

Pollen was the subject of discussion among the Council of the Wise the other day.  In case you have forgotten, this is a group comprised of gentlemen of indeterminate age and pedigree who gather at the local Conoco station.  They are a fairly reliable fixture and are only absent when the weather is inclement or they have collectively marked the previous evening with intemperance and excess.  The subjects of their discussion and the disseminations of their wisdom are far ranging and not necessarily bound by the limits of reality.  Still, they occasionally provide a synthetic pearl of wisdom which bears consideration.

“Ya’ll are thinkin’ about this pollen all wrongly,” one of them declared.  “You need to picture it as God’s grace.  It covers everything everywhere.  It brings out new things from nature and we need to quit trying to get rid of it an’ wash it away.”

You just never know where wisdom will show up, do you?

I bid you peace!