Ken’s e-Pistle

March 8, 2023

Believe it or not, I used to run.  This was some time back; about two knees and one hip ago.  I also liked to lift weights keep in good shape.  I wasn’t trying to out-do Adonis, but I was pretty well convinced that exercise of my physical self would provide the benefits of long life and good health.  With this in mind, I kept my exertion schedule as a sacred appointment.  Nothing was allowed to interfere with it.  Nothing.

After many years passed, along with my first knee, a wise physician friend of mine told me, “Haste does not improve the length or quality of life.”  So I had heard. “I learned a long time back that in pursuing my perfect vision of myself, I lost me.”

She continued the discussion, telling me that I was actually being a bad example to my flock.  “You need to exercise but you also need to add a healthy dose of common sense and community service.”  So, I listened and adjusted my routine.  While I still tried to keep a regular schedule I added a few items.  I carried a small trash bag to pick up litter along the way.  I stopped at places which interested me; a coffee shop, and art studio, etc.  I swapped out weights for yard-work, planting living things which somehow thrived in spite of my efforts.  I learned how to pray and write sermons behind a lawnmower.

As we come into spring and consider ways to work off our winter tonnage, I encourage us to think of ways we can improve our  world while we improve ourselves.  Ite, misa est.

I bid you peace!