Psalm 139

The disease had reduced his voice to a faint whisper, so when he made the effort to speak, it was about something important. “I’m having a hard time praying,” he said.  “I start to pray and then I…I just can’t finish.  I can’t put my thoughts together or something.

There was silence around the bed for a time, and then an older friend asked how long he had been married.  I was bothered that the man seemed to be changing the subject, avoiding something we needed to talk about and to help with if we could.

“Nearly thirty years,” came the raspy answer.

“And you know how Jenny sometimes finishes your sentences?”

There was a warm and knowing smile and a nod from the bed.

“Well,” said the older fellow, “God has known you even longer than Jenny has.  You just start the sentence…and God can finish it.”



Used with permission from the author, our own Walter M. Jones, and taken from his book, Light Shining Through.