FPC Weekly Lectionary – September 1-7

Job continues to battle with is friends. The early church confounds friends and enemies alike. And, in the Gospel of John, Jesus brings his listeners to a point of decision with an unmistakable sign of God’s power. Miracles provide one of the major conceptual frames for the gospel. John includes eight major miracles, each one [...]

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A Letter to the Congregation – August 24, 2020

August 24, 2020 Dear Friends in Christ,   In the coming months our worship will follow the story of the people of Israel in the book of Exodus. Although they came to Egypt for refuge from a famine, Israel was enslaved, far from home, unable to realize the promise that God had given them a [...]

A Letter to the Congregation – August 24, 20202020-09-08T16:04:26-05:00

Weekly Lectionary: August 25-31

The words can leave you flat on your face. This week finds Peter and Paul struggling with the radical change that the call of God has wrought for each of them. (Paul, you’ll remember, was literally flat on his face on the Damascus road.) The disciples are regularly flattened by the challenge Jesus offers. And, [...]

Weekly Lectionary: August 25-312020-09-08T16:04:26-05:00
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