2019 Tartan Info for Reformation Sunday

This year Reformation Sunday is on October 27. If you do not have a tartan to use at the Kirkin’ O’ the Tartans and would like one, please order one yard of tartan fabric, light or medium weight, in the pattern of your clan, from any one of the supply houses online. We will need the fabric in hand by October 3 in order to complete them on time. Kathryn Sellers will help prepare the fabric and arrange the mounting.

See below for a few good supply houses.


Scottish Lion

Scotland by the Yard

Scottish Tartan Museum in Franklin, NC

The Celtic Shop of Dunedin, FL

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Christian Education Volunteer Opportunities

Great news! We have a problem. Why is this great news? Our Children’s Ministry Program is growing and our Christian Education needs are growing along with it. As we build up our C.E. opportunities for our youngest members, we invite you to help be a part of the solution and volunteer a little time with us!

Here are some volunteer needs. Can you come volunteer with our kids?

Children’s Church Assistant:

Job Description: Shepherd our Preschool children up to the classroom after the Children’s sermon and stay with them for the duration of worship. Model good listening to the children as they listen to their Bible story. Respond to behavioral or bathroom needs. Encourage quiet reflection time. This requires no preparation on your part. You just show up on your assigned day! Minimal training is necessary (but will be provided). A review of our child safety policy and a background check are required.

Time Commitment: 1 Sunday every 8 weeks on average

Nursery Assistant:

Job Description: Be available to assist nursery staff with our youngest children (ages 0-3). Be ready to play, cuddle, and read some books! A nursery staff person will always be on hand to change diapers, provide snack, etc. so your presence is truly meant to provide connecting relationship for our littles and their families. A review of our child safety policy and a background check are required.

Time Commitment: 1 Sunday every 8 weeks on average

Joy Maker’s Art Teacher:

Job Description: Our Joy Maker’s Sunday School class (Preschool-Kindergarten age) rotates each week in leadership and content. Each month children engage with Storytelling, Music, Art, and Liturgical Movement. We are in need of a Joy Marker’s Art Teacher who can work with a partner to develop and lead art projects for the children. A review of our child safety policy and a background check are required.

Time Commitment: Class meets 1 Sunday a month during Sunday School hour (915-1015). Some preparation of class content. Help is provided in collecting any supplies you may need for your projects.


Please talk with Jo Beth Thompson about these volunteer opportunities or other ways you may like to serve our community through Christian Education.


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Church Mission Day

When you hear about Habitat for Humanity, you might picture Jimmy Carter hammering and sawing away on a home build site alongside some other smiling volunteers, or maybe a Bible study group painting the living room of a house. That’s very much what I imagined when I heard about our local Habitat chapter in Dalton. I learned, however, that Habitat is much more than just building new houses! It’s also the ReStore on Glenwood Avenue, where donated goods are sold to help fund our home builds. It’s the Repair Program, helping members of our community that need help with a leaky roof, or new windows, or adding a wheelchair ramp. It’s building strength and stability through shelter for those in our community that need it the most.

Greater Dalton Habitat has been active since 1987 and we’re currently building our 58th home. The homeowners that we partner with will build their homes alongside volunteers. They must apply to the program, go through a rigorous background and credit check, agree to put in over 350 hours of ‘sweat equity’ volunteer time, and then pay their mortgage once they’re in the home.  I’d heard statistics about the housing issues in our community, and it’s very easy to gloss over thinking something like “Well that can’t be true in OUR community.”  This past spring, I saw a Habitat home dedication write up in the paper. I immediately recognized the homeowner as one of my daughter’s favorite teachers at her school. I had no idea how unsafe her living conditions had been before Habitat. Her family now has a wonderful home in a safe neighborhood where her three children can play in their very own yard. The need for affordable, decent housing is everywhere in our community, you just need to know where to look. I’m thrilled our church family will be volunteering with Habitat, and I encourage you to come out and volunteer on July 13th and see the kind of impact you can have in our community.

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Camp AIM 2019

Camp AIM 2019 will be the first 2 full weeks in June, so the dates this year are:

Week 1:           June 3-7

Week 2:           June 10-14

For more information contact Roger Rollins at:

My email:  rrollins255@gmail.com

My cell:  706-260-5999

Sincere thanks to all of you who have been blessed through your participation with these children in years past.  And thanks to all of you who will volunteer for the first time this year.

These children range in age from about 6 to 18.  All of them are victims of sexual abuse.  How this can happen is both a mystery and a tragedy that I do not even pretend to understand.  After admiring Peggy’s leadership and participation with Camp AIM for many years, I decided 3 years ago that although I had no skill or understanding of how to fix these damaged kids, at least I could fix food for them.  I discovered that the quality of the food they were being given was poor and that the kids were not as fully prepared to take advantage of the Family Support Council’s excellent program as they could be if they were properly nourished with a healthy and sufficient quantity of food, particularly in the mornings when they start their classes.  Since then, with the financial help of the church and the physical help of all of you, each child gets a hearty breakfast and lunch.

The difference is amazing.  Once the kids realized that they were going to be fed and loved on by caring adults they didn’t even know, their early morning class sessions began to be more energized.  From the first day of camp, there is a group sense of knowing that they are in a safe and nurturing place.

Camp AIM has been a powerful experience for me, and I recommend it for your participation.  We are responsible for 10 days worth of breakfasts and lunches.  I need volunteers to help prepare and serve food, pick up donated food and clean up afterwards.  I have a fairly organized schedule of each day’s meals from previous years.  There’s a lot to it, but everything actually goes quite smoothly once it kicks off.  Each meal requires about 3 volunteers in some capacity.  Many of you already have or will volunteer for more than one meal, so we may not need an entire army, but we certainly need a good-sized platoon.

At this point, what I need most is several more volunteer names, email addresses and phone numbers, and what your schedule will allow you to do.  Several of you have told me to fit you in wherever you were needed.  Once I have a more complete list, I will send out the daily schedule with proposed meals and all of the required volunteer slots via email.  Each of you can then reply to me with exactly what you’d like to do and when.  This opportunity will probably be announced again during church in coming weeks, but all of us need to confirm schedules, so a timely response is really appreciated.

Respect for confidentiality requires that this is an all-adult project.

Thank you in advance for helping.  Without question, you’ll fall in love with these kids and be grateful for the opportunity of making a difference in this small way.


With gratitude, Roger.

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Chalking the Doors By: Rev. Will Scott

Chalking the Doors

I had never heard of this tradition before, but I stumbled across an old Epiphany custom in the Book of Common Worship (BCW) called, “Chalking the Doors.” Epiphany, you’ll remember, is the end of the Christmas season when we mark the time the wise men came to visit the child Jesus, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. (It’s on January 6, this year a Sunday.)

If you have any Epiphany traditions at your house, I’d be interested in hearing them. The holiday seems to get lost as we cut off Christmastide at the New Year. Now is the season for getting your life in order, setting goals, making resolutions.

Epiphany invites us to stay in the Christmas story a little longer, recognizing that the events of Christmas and the presence of God-with-us matter throughout the year.

What does this have to do with chalking the doors? This tradition is a kind of house blessing. You go outside to your front door and write the year and the letters C, M, and B divide by crosses. It looks like this: 20 + C + M + B + 19. C, M, and B represent Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar, the names tradition gives to the wise men who visited Jesus. It also abbreviates the phrase Christus mansionem benedictat or “Christ bless this house.”

I’m not sure this is very Reformed (I’m pretty positive it isn’t). But maybe it can remind us all that God-with-us is with us throughout 2019. So rather than “Happy New Year” I say, “Happy Epiphany.”

The following is a prayer from the BCW that accompanies the practice:

God of doors and homes,

bless this home this year and every year.

Bless all how come and go through this door,

both those who live here and those who visit.

May all who enter through this door

come in peace and bring joy.

May all who come to this door

find welcome and love.

May the love and joy of this home overflow

and spread into the community and the world.

And may Jesus the Christ watch over us all. Amen.



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