Ken’s e-Pistle

January 18, 2023

We celebrated the life of Mac Thomas this past Monday.  After hearing many of the stories about her as shared among the family, I am sure that I am the poorer for never having met her. Still, I believe that the day will come when I shall.  We call that the Communion of the Saints.

Life after death is a common discussion point among many of the faithful.  Often, folk will ask me about it as if I am some kind of resident expert.  While I know a steadily increasing number who have made that transition, I readily confess that, as far as I know, my itinerary to eternity has not yet been printed out.  Nonetheless, I do have some thoughts on the matter which bring me more than a modicum of comfort.

One such is the story of a Scottish physician who lived in the late 1800s.  As was the custom in those days, he traveled to the homes of those who were ill and shared the healing arts with the family as well as the patient.

One day he arrived at the manor of a wealthy man who was dying.  The faith had never been of much importance in his life but now that Jordan’s chilly stream was within sight, he became concerned.  When the physician came into his room he said, “Tell me, Angus, you are a believer of sorts; what do you think it will be like on the other side?”

The good doctor paused to think for a moment and presently heard a scratching at the sickroom door. He then replied, “Do ye hear that scratchin’ at the door, William?  That’s my wee collie dog.  She’s never been in this room; she’s na seen the draperies nor the walls. She knows not whether ‘tis light nor dark.  But she does know one thing: she knows that I am in here and that is enough. Such ‘tis for ye and I, William.  We donna ken what lies beyond, but we do ken that our Father is there.  And it is enough.”

Yes, it is, indeed, enough.

I bid you peace!