“…from deadly pestilence, be thy strong arm, our ever sure defense…”


The last hymn we sang together was “God of the Ages.” Even though we knew things were going to change, we sang, joyfully resolute in the knowledge our futures rest securely in the perfect will of our Sovereign Lord. We felt the warm hand of Providence guiding us forward. Then, our choir rehearsals were suspended, we started staying home, many facets of life became virtual, we became isolated, the music stopped, some of us got sick, our friends died, career paths changed, our nation fell into turmoil, people lost jobs, and we marched for justice long denied. Even after 18 months, though many things have normalized, things are not as they should be. Is God still with us? Is their peace swirling among the filth and detritus of this grim gyre, too? If it is, is it sufficient to keep us from drowning? I say “yes.” The church served as a mooring point on dry land that kept me from being overtaken by the rough current. My involvement in choir , committees, and services created a rhythm that punctuated the days and weeks, and the words, sung and spoken, gave me hope. Things are still not as they should be, but we are safely together, joyfully sharing our burdens, upholding one another with the love that our Lord Christ so freely lavishes upon us, and rendering sincere praise and heartfelt service to God and neighbor. May we live into our futures boldly, inspired by our faith, and may the Great God of the Ages “lead us from [this] night to never-ending day.”


⁃  James Hoskins