We had a good problem at our Christian Education Team meeting this week. We’re running out of space in our regular adult Sunday School room. This is great! There are enough people who want to explore our common faith through the established Sunday School pattern that we are looking for a new home. So, if you want to continue to learn about the formation of the New Testament with our regular class, keep on heading upstairs and squeeze into a chair (or stay tuned for a soon-to-be announced move to the parlor).

Our good problem also uncovered another challenge, however—and that is, not everyone can make it to Sunday School. Some people teach children on Sunday morning, or some have a hard enough time getting their own kids together in time to make it. Some people have choir commitments. Some people are not early morning people and don’t want an obligation to slide onto the calendar like every other day of the week. Worship at 10:30 can be hard enough. We wouldn’t dream of trying to add something else during the week either.

But maybe you’ve shown up to church a little early before. You’ve gotten your coffee. You don’t have teaching responsibilities that day. You don’t want to interrupt the regular class because it’s hard to jump into the middle of things and there aren’t many chairs and people can be particular about the chairs they sit in. You don’t want to wait in the commons for half an hour before anyone shows up. Where do you go?

Now there is a place for you: Sunday School for Busy People.

Sunday School for Busy People will meet in the Library of the Martin House (first door on the left through the front door) almost every week starting at 9:20ish. There will be minimal structure, preparation, or need to stay if you don’t want to (so don’t worry about having to duck out to choir or to something else that you’d be rather doing). It will work like this:

  • Every week, people who see interesting articles or blog posts things online will post them to the FPC Connect Page (our closed facebook group) or email a link to Will. Will will pick one article to post to the FPC facebook page.
  • If you want, read the article, and come for a quick discussion on Sunday.
  • Note: we may discuss the article, or we may just talk about our lives, or chat, or have coffee.
  • Stay for as much or as little as you can.
  • Don’t feel guilty about leaving, or about not being there.

That’s it!

Our goal is to provide a space for busy church people to wrestle with interesting ideals related to faith and life without the burden of an additional commitment. So come as you are, if you can; prepare if you want; leave when you like; at no point feel guilty about commitment.

Start sending articles in the next week. I’ll see you next Sunday (October 20) at 9:20ish.